Calvary Cemetery, Village of Norwood

Town of Potsdam


Calvary Cemetery is a Catholic Cemetery located approximately a half mile from the village of Norwood on the Norwood-Knapps Station Road (Dry Bridge Road). Turning onto the Norwood-Knapps Station Road from State Highway 56, it is 1/2 mile from this intersection. Or leaving Norwood on Morgan Street, it is 1/2 mile out of the village at the intersection of County Road 48.


This is an active cemetery, and the stone census was done in late summer-early fall of 2005, with new burials being added to the census since that date. (The coordinates for this cemetery are 44 44 32 North and 074 59 00 West). The earliest burial noted during the census was Mary G. McMahon, born in 1807 and died in 1846.



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