Riverside Cemetery, Village of Norwood--Town of Potsdam--PO063


The Riverside Cemetery is located on Lakeshore Drive (aka Cemetery Road) on the southern end of the village. As you are leaving the village towards Potsdam on State Highway 56, turn right onto Lakeshore Drive (The Lobster House & Merriman's are located at this intersection (2007)). The cemetery is on the left approximately 1/2 mile from the intersection. Measured coordinates are 44 deg. 43.894 min North and 075 deg, 00.113 min. West.

Riverside Cemetery was started circa 1870, including having burials moved from the early village cemetery on the corner of Park and Spruce Street. There are probably slightly less than 3000 burials (2007) in this cemetery, including Benjamin Baldwin and James Symonds, two of the three founders of the village. Wait Reynolds, Hall, Phelps, Ashley, Bixby, and Holbrook are also early prominent members of the village, buried there.

This cemetery is active and is managed by the Riverside Cemetery Association, P.O. Box 61, Norwood, NY 13668.


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