MillerBurial Site--Town of Colton--CT005


This is a single grave that is located just off State Highway 56, between South Colton and Sevey's Corners.


From the bridge in South Colton, it is 4.3 miles, or there is an Adirondack Park boundary sign further out that is 1.3 miles from the grave site. (At the present time --May 2000--it is between a dog kennel business and a lumber business). It is on the right hand side of the highway (heading towards Sevey's Corners), and is easy to miss unless you are going very slow and looking for it. There is a chain link fence around the grave, and you can just spot this fence from the road.


This grave site is marked on the Stark 7.5 minute topographical map, and the measured coordinates are 44 45 08 North and 074 59 18 West.


The markings on the stone are as follows:


Miller Benj.

Co B 11 NY CAV

Died About 1870

Age About 23 Yrs


There also is a GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) plaque at the grave.


(This grave intriques me. So isolated and with no other family members buried here. Also, the only Benjamin Miller listed in Everts St. Lawrence County History was in the 20th "McClellan Cavalry" and enlisted in Gouverneur--not the same Miller it seems).


Photos of Miller Burial Site


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